Allen County History & Genealogy

Formation of Allen County

Allen County was formed April 1, 1820 from Indian Territory, and named in honor of a Col. Allen, of the war of 1812; it was temporarily attached to Mercer county for judicial purposes.

The southern part has many Germans. A large part of the original settlers were of Pennsylvania origin. The western half of the county is flat, and presents the common features of the Black Swamp. The eastern part is gently rolling, and in the southeastern part are gravelly ridges and knolls. The "Dividing Ridge" is occupied by handsome, well-drained farms, which is in marked contrast with much of the surrounding county, which is still in the primeval forest condition. Its area is 440 square miles.Allen County was originally created from portions of Wood, Mercer, and Shelby Counties. In the 1840's, Auglaize County was formed from a portion of Allen County.

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