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Allen County, Ohio - Cemetery Listing

CEMETERY LISTS are available on line for selected cemeteries. Follow the links below.

Elida Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery

Rockport Methodist Cemetery Records

Walnut Grove Cemetery

Delphos Cemeteries: Westside, St. John, Walnut Grove, Landeck, Hartshorn

Charlotte's "My Cemetery Pages"
Charlotte displays photographs of head stones for many Allen County past residents.


Amanda Baptist Cemetery
East Side of Conant Road, Just North of St. Rt. 117
Next to Amanda Baptist Church

Hartford / Old Hartford Cemetery
Located at the intersection of Defiance Trail and St. Rt. 81

Mack Cemetery
North side of Ft. Amanda Road, 2,000 feet West of Monfort Road

Southworth Cemetery
Central Point, Located at the G. Monfort Farm west of river


Allentown Cemetery
On Allentown Road. South of the village of Elida

Ash Grove Cemetery
North of Lima-Grove Road, West of Pfeiffer Road

East Cemetery
This cemetery has been relocated. It was once located on the 
north side of Delphos-Lima Road (Rt. 309), west of Easttown Road
where a Lowes store now stands. East Cemetery has been relocated 
to the Greenlawn Cemetery (listed below) and a marker is erected
at the old location to mark where the cemetery was previously located.

Elida Cemetery or Elida Lutheran Cemetery
Was once located on Route 309 in Elida, Ohio at the rear of Trinity Lutheran Church.
This cemetery has been covered over and is not a parking lot at the rear of the church
and beside a day-care center. A researcher, Velva Bruce, has kindly provided a 
roster of all those buried in this cemetery. Follow the link below. 
Elida Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery 

Greenlawn Cemetery
On Dutch Hollow Road. South of the village of Elida

Richards Cemetery
On West side of Cable Road, South of US 30

Union Cemetery
Northwest of Lima at Southeast corner of Cole Road and Bluelick Road

Wesley Chapel Cemetery
West side of Cole Road, 4 miles North of Lima


Auglaize Cemetery
Phillips & Faulkner Roads

Brethren - Ward Cemetery
South Side of Madden Road, 1/4 mile East of Bowdel Road

Harrod Cemetery
North side of Clum Road, Just East of Napoleon Road

Hullibarger - Kroskop Cemetery
East side of Hullibarger Road, 1/2 North of Harrod-Westminster Road

Mt. Zion Cemetery
Northeast corner of Hover-Cook Road and Hay Road

AU-6 Ridge Cemetery
Southeast corner of Lawrence and Clum Roads

Salem Cemetery
St. Rt. 117 and Bowdel Roads

Shockey Cemetery
North side of Madden Road, 3/4 mile West of Waynesfield-New Hampshire Roads

Smith Cemetery
West side of St. Rt. 196, 1/2 mile North of Ditzler Road

Westminster Cemetery
East of St. Rt. 117 at Westminster

West Newton Cemetery
Hover-Cook Road & Turner Road, Southeast corner


Bath County Infirmary Cemetery (New)
St. Rt. 81 at the County Home

Bath County Infirmary Cemetery (Old)
West side of Boop Road, 600 ft. North of St. Rt. 81

Berryhill Cemetery
1/2 mile North of Bluelick Road, West of Berryhill Road

Bluelick Cemetery
Southwest corner of Bluelick and Slabtown Roads

Bresler Cemetery
North side of High Street Road, 1/2 mile West of Thayer Road

Hickory Grove - Wollett Cemetery
Just North of East High Street Road, West of Metzger Road

Lewis Grove Cemetery
East side of Thayer Road and South side of Sugar Creek Road

Lima Cemetery (Old) - Park Ave.
All graves moved to Woodlawn Cemetery in Lima

Smith Cemetery
South side of Bluelick Road, 1/2 mile West of Stewart Road

Sproat - Wolfe Cemetery
West side of Wolfe Road, 1/4 mile North of Sugar Creek Road

State Hospital Cemetery
South side of Bible Road, 1/4 mile West of Boose Road

Sugar Creek Cemetery
Sugar Creek Church of the Brethren
399 E. Bluelick Road

Tony's Nose Cemetery
On South side of Ottawa River, North of High Street Road
1/4 mile West of Metzger Road

Union Chapel - Ward Cemetery
North side of St. Rt. 81, South of Ottawa River and
West of Thayer Road


Bethlehem - Hefner Cemetery
North side of US-30S, 1/4 mile East of Cool Road

Davis Cemetery
North side of Sugar Creek Road between Swaney Road and
Phillips Road

Desenberg Cemetery
Southeast corner of intersection of St. Rt. 81 and Pevee Road

Evick Cemetery
North side of Ottawa River, 600 feet East of Bluffton-Bentley Road
North side of Stemple road

Fisher Cemetery
On east side of Phillips Road, 1/4 mile South of High Street Road

Hall - Nash Cemetery
On Sandusky Road behind the Liberty Chapel Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery
South of St. Rt. 81 on Lima Ada Road at North West
edge of Lafayette, West of Swaney Road

Liberty Chapel Cemetery
South side of Sandusky Road, 1/4 mile East of Napoleon Road

Maysville Cemetery
Just east of Maysville on US-30S and Hardin Co. Line

West Point Cemetery
South side of Sugar Creek Road, between Swaney and Phillips Roads


Doner Cemetery
1/4 mile West of intersection of Kemp Road and US-30S

Hartshorn Cemetery
East side Defiance Trail Road, Just South of US-30N

King Cemetery (possibly aka Morris Chapel Cemetery)

The site is south of what is now called the Faith Tabernacle church and south of the Thompson
Seed Farm which is next to the Church. South of the seed farm is a brick house. The gravesite 
is behind the house by 50-100 yards and is marked by a flag pole. Only one large stone is there 
with a bunch of names on the stones. Evidently the stones were all so bad or something that they
removed them and put up this one stone. Names are on front and back with years. This place is 
on Defiance Trail and between State and Bliss roads on the east side. Note: Location contributed
by researcher Rod Carpenter.

Pike Mennonite Cemetery
At intersection of Bliss and McBride Roads.

St. Johns Cemetery
Located in Delphos, Ohio

St. Johns Cemetery
Located in Landeck, Ohio on Kill Road

St. Johns Catholic Cemetery (New)
Northeast corner of US-30 and Defiance Trail

Walnut Grove Cemetery
At Defiance Trail and Old Lima-Delphos Roads


Altstaetter - German Lutheran - Maple Grove
South side of Altstaetter Road, 1/4 mile East of Ramsey Road

Cairo Cemetery
Martz Road, 1/4 mile North of US-30N on West side of road

Cairo Union - Harpster Cemetery
1/4 mile West of Cairo, Ohio on US-30N, South side of road

Campbell Cemetery
Jennings-Mayberry Road, Northwest of Rockport, Ohio

Craig Cemetery
1/2 mile East of Phillips Road on North side of State Road
1/4 mile back on A. Lackey farm

King - Schindler Cemetery
1/2 mile North of Schindler Road, near Miller-Hofferbert Road

Miller Cemetery
1/4 mile West of Rockport, Ohio on North side of Rockport Road

Osborn - Truro Cemetery
On St. Rt. 12 at Putnam Co. Line Road, 1/2 mile East of Ramey Road

Rockport Methodist Cemetery
On Rockport Road in village of Rockport

Williams Cemetery
North side of US-30N, 1/4 mile East of Trumbo-Cook Road

OTTAWA TOWNSHIP (City Limits of Lima)

Woodlawn Cemetery
St. Rt. 117 and S. Woodlawn Avenue in Lima

Researchers have informed that that they have had good success phoning or writing to the registrar for 
Woodland Cemetery to obtain information about their ancestors that are buried at Woodlawn.

Woodlawn Cemetery 
1751 Spencerville Road
Lima, OH 45805


Barton - Stevenson Cemetery
1/4 mile East of Greely Chapel Road, 1/2 mile North of
Harrod Road

Fletcher Cemetery
Northeast corner of St. Rt. 65 and Breese Road

Logan - Tussing Cemetery
East side of Ream Road, 1/2 mile North of
Warsaw Road

Memorial Park Cemetery
US-30S and Bowman Road

Metcalf Cemetery
East side of Ream Road, 1/2 mile North of Warsaw Road

Perry Chapel Cemetery
East side of Perry Chapel Road, 1/4 mile North of St. Rt. 117

PE-7 St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
Northwest corner of St. John's and Breese Roads


Beaverdam (New) - Woodland Cemetery
On US-25 , 3/4 miles Northeast of Beaverdam

Beaverdam Cemetery (Old)
On old US-30N at East edge of Beaverdam

Bluffton - Maple Grove Cemetery
North side of Columbus Grove-Bluffton Road, just
West of Bluffton

Bluffton Cemetery (Old)
On Washington Street in Bluffton, Ohio

Defenseless Mennonite - Zion Cemetery
North side of Columbus Grove-Bluffton Road, 1/4 mile
West of Pandora Road

Ebenezer Mennonite Cemetery
Northeast corner of Columbus Grove-Bluffton and
Phillips Roads

Gratz - German Reform Cemetery
On Phillips Road, 1/4 mile South of Hillsville Road

Gratz Cemetery (Old)
On Phillips Road, 1/4 mile South of Hillville Road

Hubbel - Revolutionary War Solder Cemetery
East side of Shifferly Road, 1/4 mile West of Tom Fett Road

Mennonite Cemetery (Old)
East side of Phillips Road, 1/4 mile South of Bixel Road

Pleasant Hill Cemetery
East side of Pevee Road, 3,000 feet South of US-30N

Reformed Mennonite Cemetery
East side of Phillips Road, 1/4 mile South of Bixel Road

R Shannon Cemetery
On Jefferson Street in Bluffton, Ohio


Gethsemane - Catholic Cemetery
St. Rt. 117 at city limits of Lima

St. Matthews Cemetery 
Hume Rd. - 2 to 3 miles east of Hume

Shawnee Cemetery
Northwest Corner of Shawnee and Zumehly Road

Jewish - Shaare Zedek Cemetery
Meriline Ave. at edge of Lima

Shawnee United Methodist Church
Northwest corner of Zurmehly and Shawnee Roads
2600 Zurmehly Rd.
Lima OH. 45806
(419) 991-4806

St. Mathew's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
1/4 mile North of Hume Road, West of Shawnee Road
(419) 999-5329


Spencerville Cemetery
Northeast corner St. Rt. 66 and Kolter Road

St. John's Catholic Cemetery
In Spencerville, Ohio

West Union Cemetery
South side of West Union Road, 1/4 mile West
of Delphos-Spencerville Road


Benham - Shadrock Cemetery
On North side of US-30N, 7 miles West of
Wapak Road on Harvey William's farm

Brenneman - Early Cemetery
South side of State Road, 1 mile West of St. Rt. 66

Bussert - Hadding Cemetery
East side of Wapak Road, South of new US-30N
North of Ottawa River

Carmen Cemetery
North side of US-30N, 1/4 mile West of Wapak Road

Dutch Hollow - Salem Mennonite Cemetery
North side of State Road, 1/8 mile West of Lima-Gomer Road

Gomer - Llewlyn - Pike Run Cemetery
East side of Sandy Point Road, 1/2 mile North of US-30N

Martz - Thomas Cemetery
East side of Sugar Creek, 1/4 mile North of Hook-Waltz Road
1/4 mile East of St. Rt. 115

Mell - Oard Cemetery
East side of Sugar Creek, 1/2 mile North of US-30N
1/4 mile East of St. Rt. 115

Ridenour Cemetery
1/4 mile West of Cole Street Road and 115
South of State Road

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